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Welcome to CEAPAR

The Committee for the Ethical Application of Psychic and Afterlife Research (CEAPAR) is dedicated to exploring the ethical implications and responsible integration of psychic abilities and afterlife studies into modern society. With a focus on ethical considerations and social impact, we strive to foster a thoughtful and inclusive approach to these phenomena.

Towards responsible science

At CEAPAR, we understand the importance of advancing scientific knowledge while considering its profound impact on society.

Through a multidisciplinary lens, we aim to navigate the complex ethical landscape surrounding the development of consciousness-based, and related edge science applicaitons.

Bridging communities

We invite researchers, scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts to join us in open and respectful conversations, sharing insights, and promoting ethical practices in the realm of psychic and afterlife applications.

While we delve into these fascinating realms, we always prioritize the well-being of individuals and the integrity of our collective knowledge.

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Open access content

Our goal is to disseminate knowledge freely and encourage the exchange of ideas.

As part of our commitment to the community, we produce and offer proceedings from our meetings for free, fostering the accessibility and growth of ethical research and understanding.

Let’s get started

Join us in our journey to explore the intersection of psi and survival sciences, navigate the ethical challenges, and envision a society where these phenomena are integrated responsibly and thoughtfully.